AB Group Holding, which has an international reputation with its real estate investments and real estate development projects in European countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain and England outside of Turkey, brings the smart home concept to Bodrum, the capital of tourism, with the design of world-famous architect Barbaros Sağdıç… Madnasa Türkbükü and Madnasa Zirve are being implemented under the signature of AB Group Holding. Preliminary demand for the project has been collected, and sales are planned to start in April. Madnasa Türkbükü will consist of 4 stages. There will be 16 villas in the first phase of the project. Villas will have a closed area between 590 square meters and 600 square meters. The mansions located in Madnasa Türkbükü are built on 1 decare of land. In the project, each mansion has its own green area and private pool. 60 percent of the Madnasa Türkbükü project will consist of green areas. A spacious and bright design is implemented in the project. The light of Bodrum will be brought to homes. The Madnasa Summit project will be implemented in 1 stage. There will be 12 mansions in Madnasa Zirve. The mansions will have a closed area of 700 square meters and will be located on 1500 decares of land. The price range for both projects was determined as 2 million 100 thousand Euros and 7 million Euros. Both projects are planned to be completed this year. AB Group Holding invested 100 million dollars for the projects. Both domestic and international markets were determined as targets in the projects. Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AB Group Holding, made the following statements regarding Madnasa Türkbükü: “Sales have not started. As a holding, we do not start a project from the ground up and sell it immediately. We do not offer the work for sale until it reaches a certain stage. Sales will start after the rough construction of the project is completed. The sample mansion is “We are waiting for it to be completed. We plan to go on sale in 1 month. Pre-requests for the project have been received.” Muhsin Bayrak said, “We bought the most valuable lands of Türkbükü. Madnasa Türkbükü will be the most beautiful project of Turkey. The projects are unique. They will be luxury and top projects.” said. Barbaros Sağdıç, the architect of the project, stated that the project will be an example to the world and imitations will be made. Sağdıç said, “There is an original design in the project, which has the most beautiful view and location of Türkbükü. The project embraces the view of Türkbükü. Madnasa Türkbükü will be implemented with an original design. We are really doing a project with a magnificent view in a distinguished point of Bodrum. We are accustomed to this project.” “We are not building an ordinary Bodrum building. We are bringing comfort and luxury to Türkbükü. We are implementing a unique and assertive design. The project is being built with the smart home concept,” he said.

AB Group Holding, which has an equity capital of $600 million, invested $3 million in Blockchain technology this year. The institution that developed the ABSTOCKS system, where digital currencies can be traded, started a new era in the field of digital money. For the first time in Turkey, digital currencies produced under the guarantee of a holding company were also insured by the banks’ insurance company. The holding signed a 25 million dollar insurance agreement for the system, which will be a first in the world markets. Stating that purchases and sales of money will also be subject to tax, AB Group Holding President Muhsin Bayrak said, “Our goal is to cut imports in this regard. In fact, to be an exporter in the financial world of the future. As a group, we also operate in countries such as Greece, Italy and England. There is a very serious growth in these countries as well.” We will show you. We have made very significant investments in our technology infrastructure. Ordered transfers take place in under a second. At the same time, people will use their investments here for shopping. We have also developed our own blockchain software. We have made the strongest investment in this field in recent times. Digital money and “Blockchain competition will shape the future of not only companies but also countries in the future. After 2 years of work, our technology is ready. We have cooperated with Turkey’s important banks. The buying and selling processes will take place in this way and subject to tax,” he said.


Source: Sabah