Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AB Group Holding, stated that they plan to train 700 software developers annually in the star-crescent themed technology base they will establish in Bodrum, and said, “We will receive a commitment from those trained here to serve Turkey for 5+5 years.” Stating that they will cooperate with 7 different universities, Bayrak also drew attention to the shortage of software developers in Turkey and said, “Our main goal here is to train young software developers and include them in the employment ecosystem. We have prioritized our investments in the field of software.”


Pointing out that 73 Turkish software developers developed ABStocks after a period of 2 years, Bayrak said, “We invested more than 4 million dollars in this field.” Bayrak said, “As of today, we accept ABGcoin as a payment instrument within our group, at home and abroad. You will be able to buy flats and properties from AB Group Holding with ABGCoin, and our state will not suffer any loss by collecting cross taxes from here.”


Muhsin Bayrak said that they want to pave the way for new minds in software with ABStocks. Bayrak said, “In addition to the Technology Base that we will implement in Bodrum, we will put ABStocks’ call center into operation with an investment of 10 million liras. We decided to make this investment in Tatvan District of Bitlis. In the first stage, we want to provide job opportunities for 70 young people living in the region. “Starting next year, this number will increase to 100,” he said.

Source: Evening