Muhsin Bayrak was born in 1975 in the village of Direktaşı in the Mutki region of the center of Bitlis. Muhsin Bayrak, who immigrated to Istanbul with his family in the 90s, completed his education here.

Muhsin Bayrak, who graduated from the civil engineering department, started his business life with the AB Group Holding company, which he founded in 1999. There are nearly 10 companies under the umbrella of AB Group Holding.

Muhsin Bayrak, who has many construction sites abroad, is rapidly completing his investments in Turkey. Muhsin Bayrak, who owns a power plant in Greece and built the Athens Marina, and lastly, world-famous award-winning architect Prof. In addition to Madnasa Türkbükü and Madnasa Zirve, designed by Barbaros Sağdıç, it also made a 150 million dollar investment in Bodrum Türkbükü with the AB Group Holding Technology Base, which will be built in the shape of the Turkish flag.