The economic impact of sea tourism on countries is of great importance for the future as it contributes greatly to national resources. In the field of marine tourism, marinas play a vital role as both a component of the tourism sector and an integral part of the maritime sector, as they provide services on the sea.

While marina services were seen as a luxury reserved for the elite in the past, they are now much more popular. It has evolved into an industry that appeals to a large population.

Marinas have transformed from mere boat shelters and service providers into important catalysts for economic growth in their regions. Marinas, whose initial aim was to meet the basic needs of the yachting industry, now play an important role in national, regional and local development initiatives.

Ab Grup Holding has implemented the marina project with Athens Marina, the largest port city of Greece.

The project, currently known as Greece’s unique “Marina” investment, maintains its strong presence in the surrounding area.