Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of AB Group Holding, announced that they started their investments outside Bodrum after Madnasa Türbükü and that they were working on a very valuable project in Istanbul.

AB Grup Holding announced that life will begin in Madnasa Türkbükü, where its projects have been completed as of August 1. Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AB Group Holding, said: “We have 3-4 large lands in Bodrum. During this pandemic process, we have 2 existing projects that we have started. “Our Madnasa Türkbükü project is finished and life begins here as of August 1,” he said.

Continuing its investments in Bodrum, AB Group Holding is bringing the completed Madnasa Türkbükü project to life on August 1. In addition, Madnasa Zirve, which continues to work in the region, is expected to be ready next season. Speaking about the investments in the region and within the holding, AB Group Holding Chairman Muhsin Bayrak said, “Our projects continue in Turkey and various countries in Europe. We, business people, are struggling to find out how much foreign currency we can bring to our country. If we do not struggle, we cannot develop our companies, our country and our people. “We will work day and night to develop our country,” he said.


Speaking about the ongoing and project-designed areas in Istanbul, Muhsin Bayrak said, “The work and land process continues in our project in Istanbul. We also have a project abroad that we are preparing for and we are following its processes. “Our land development efforts do not slow down in many regions at home and abroad,” he said.


Bayrak said that brain drain will be prevented with the technology base planned to be developed in the 100th year of the Republic and said, “We have 3-4 large lands in Bodrum, we have 2 existing projects that we have started during this pandemic process. Our Madnasa Türkbükü project is finished and life begins here as of August 1. We completed 16 mansions in approximately 1.5 years. Madnasa Zirve will be ready for the next season. We will start the AB Group Holding technology base this year. The project has been prepared, our contacts with the ministry continue. Turkey’s largest data storage center will be here. We will prepare it for the 100th anniversary of our Republic and present it to our country. “Very good ideas will emerge here, we are making serious efforts to reverse the brain drain,” he said.


Warning to those who will buy real estate, Bayrak said, “There is a serious demand in Bodrum and it is currently a world brand. Those who want to buy property here should first look at the title deed of the place they want to buy. One should look at the construction and condition of the construction. As a principle, we do not sell land from land. We sell it after we finish it. That’s why unfinished areas should not be purchased. No money should be given without obtaining the title deed. Payments must be made through official banks. “Unfortunately, there were citizens in Bodrum who were victimized by sales, and this issue needs to be taken into consideration,” he said.