There is also something going on in Bodrum this summer other than tourism. In a news article published recently, we announced that the Russians opened three new restaurants. Meanwhile, real estate projects are ongoing in Bodrum. According to the data announced by TÜİK yesterday, more than 552 thousand houses were sold in Turkey in the first six months of this year. There is a decrease of 11.5 percent compared to last year. However, sales to foreigners increased by 43.7 percent in six months. This situation accelerated housing projects for foreigners. Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AB Group Holding, known publicly as the tribal leader and “Muhsin Ağa” in Bodrum, announced that they decided to evaluate the lands they bought years ago and started a project that will cost 150 million dollars. Muhsin Bayrak, who hosted a crowded group of economic and magazine press members at the project area in Türkbükü, held a press conference regarding the projects including Madnasa Türkbükü, Madnasa Zirve and AB Grup Holding Technology Base. Bayrak said: “I have traveled all over the world, but I have never seen any other place as beautiful as Bodrum. For this reason, we came to Bodrum with a different concept, going beyond the ordinary. “Our target audience is foreign investors and buyers with high income levels who can invest in Turkey,” he said.


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Explaining that they operate in Italy, Greece, Spain and London as well as Turkey, Bayrak said that they employ more than 10 thousand people in total, including subcontracted companies, around the world. “In addition to construction projects in Athens, we established power plants that recycle agricultural waste and rented them to the state for 20 years. On the construction side, we currently have three completed projects ready for sale. As the effects of the global epidemic decrease, we will realize the sales of these projects. We also undertook the marina project in Athens. Bayrak, who gave the information that the total value of these projects is around 350 to 400 million euros, said the following in response to our question about Greece’s view of a Turkish investor: “I was going to pour concrete for a project in Athens with a Bentley at midnight. We created the impression on Greek neighbors that ‘Turks are very hardworking’. Companies abroad also export between each other. We supply construction materials from Turkey and export them to our own holding. In this way, both Turkey and Turkish companies gain and we use Turkish products abroad. Our goal is to bring more foreign currency to the country.”


In this sense, Bayrak also stated that they established AB Grup Holding Greece to supply construction materials from Turkey, and also announced that they are preparing to establish a construction market in Athens.

“There is a serious construction deficit in Athens. The buildings are all quite old. There are buildings that are 100, 150 years old. We have been operating in Athens for seven years and we are also among the top construction companies in terms of size in the region. “We are the only holding company that flies the Turkish flag here,” said Muhsin Bayrak, and explained that they did the project in Bodrum to bring foreign currency to the country.


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Muhsin Bayrak was also interested in the coin and crypto asset exchange and invested in this field. Although crypto assets have been on the agenda with negative news lately, Bayrak explained that they established a crypto asset exchange called ABStocks with an investment of 4 million dollars in order for Turkey not to fall behind in this field, and in this context, they also processed ABGCoin at the same time as the stock exchange. There have been very serious problems in the cryptocurrency world in Turkey recently. We realized that a strong group needed to step in. We may not need a cryptocurrency trading market or cryptocurrency in Turkey right now, but in my opinion, this is the money of the future. If powerful groups do not get involved in this business and invest capital, we will fall behind the world. “If we do this job correctly with strong investments and capital, we can attract capital and foreign currency to Turkish banks from around the world,” he said.

Source: Aydınlık