Environmental Protection Policy

As Ab Grup Holding, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and are aware of our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural environment in every aspect of our operations. As a leading construction company, we recognize the significant impact our activities can have on ecosystems, habitats and communities. That’s why we promise to integrate environmental considerations into every phase of our projects, from planning to implementation and beyond.

Our Commitments

1. Regulatory Compliance:We will comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards that apply to our operations. We will also seek to exceed these requirements wherever possible by setting higher standards for environmental performance.

2. Environmental Awareness:We will promote environmental awareness and education among our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and stakeholders. Through educational programs and communication initiatives, we will promote a culture of environmental stewardship and responsibility.

3. Resource Efficiency:We will prioritize resource efficiency and sustainable practices in our construction processes. This includes minimizing waste generation, optimizing energy consumption and protecting water resources throughout our projects.

4. Environmentally Friendly Materials:We will prioritize the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies that minimize environmental impact without compromising quality and safety standards. This includes choosing sustainable building materials, such as recycled or locally sourced materials, whenever possible.

5. Pollution Prevention:We will take proactive measures to prevent pollution associated with our activities and minimize environmental pollution. This includes appropriately managing construction-related pollutants such as sediment, chemicals, and noise.

6. Community Engagement:We will engage with local communities and stakeholders to understand their environmental concerns and incorporate their feedback into our project planning and decision-making processes. We will strive to be transparent and accountable in our environmental practices and to strengthen trust and collaboration with the communities we serve.

AB Group Holding regards people as the most valuable asset while continuing its activities and attaches importance to the health of its employees and considers ensuring that its employees work in a healthy and safe environment as one of its top priorities within the framework of its sustainability policies. Our Occupational Health and Safety policy is carried out on the basis of the OHS management system in accordance with the conditions of TS 18001.

Our Occupational Health and Safety policy consists of the following elements:

To comply with the legal legislation and regulations regarding occupational health and safety.
By providing training to our employees on occupational health and safety, to provide employees with competencies in this regard and to increase their personal awareness.
Fire that poses a danger to life and property safety To take all precautions against dangers such as injuries and diseases, to check the feasibility of the work carried out on this subject and to make the necessary updates.
A safe, healthy and ergonomic workplace for employees by making a risk assessment to reduce and eliminate the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace.
To improve existing investments that will minimize occupational health and safety risks.
To take occupational health and safety and legal regulations into account when making new investments.
To respect the environment and Quality Management systems legislation; To ensure traceability within the company by establishing relevant systems for this purpose.
To make continuous improvements by using appropriate technological equipment regarding occupational health and safety.

Our basic Human Resources policy is to select, develop, evaluate and manage human resources according to modern criteria and with the principle of equal opportunity for everyone, by combining the requirements of the job with the skills and competencies of the employees.

The purpose of the Human Resources Policy is to focus on the Company’s goals by maintaining the dynamic structure of the institution, keeping its employees happy, motivated for their work and open to continuous improvement, and to lay solid foundations for the coming years.

Human Resources management is responsible for increasing the performance of employees by creating a dynamic, open to development and innovative environment, combining corporate goals with individual goals, establishing an effective, efficient and motivated organization, thus supporting the effective achievement of the Company’s goals.

The human resources unit aims to create a career plan that will ensure personal development in line with the company’s needs and employee capacity by organizing training programs within the institution by prioritizing the development of its employees. On the other hand, our employee profile; Another goal is to be a human resource that is open to change and development, highly motivated for success, believes in teamwork and team spirit, has developed company loyalty, uses resources and time correctly, and is also highly sensitive to social responsibility.

AB Group Holding Human Resources in line with the above goals, objectives and policies:

  • In line with the company’s goals and strategies, it prioritizes the personal and professional development of our employees at all levels.
  • It continues to contribute to the Company’s goals such as “productivity” and “profitability” by ensuring the continuous development of our employees.
  • Provides equal opportunities to our employees in the management of their careers.
  • By providing equal opportunity in the recruitment process, it prioritizes merit without discrimination of gender, religious belief, language, race, ethnicity, age, disability and refugee.
  • It improves working standards in the value chain process and determines fair work distribution and wages.
  • It particularly pays attention to low-income groups and women who are sensitive to environmental and social factors regarding equal opportunities.
  • Investigates and prevents employee and human rights violations within departments, especially by managers.
  • It takes the necessary precautions to prevent the employment of child labor and personnel without a work permit.
  • It maximizes the productivity of our employees through career planning and trains our management candidates within our organization.
  • Follows a transparent and open management policy to establish reliable and effective interaction with employees.
  • Organises necessary training and takes precautions regarding occupational health and safety.
  • Protects employees’ personal data.
  • Increases individual and team performances through continuous improvement processes and systems, and rewards superior performance.
  • It provides a competitive structure within the organization by creating a human resource that is innovative, productive and loves its job.
  • It observes the rights of employees such as compensation, fringe benefits, union rights, work/private life balance solutions, and binds the relevant processes to procedures.
  • It creates mechanisms for resolving employee complaints and disputes. It determines these processes.
  • It organizes events to ensure employee satisfaction and company belonging.
  • Creates, explains and supervises the implementation of the Company Ethics Policy.
  • It organizes activities within the scope of social investment and social responsibility.
  • Informs employees about EMS (Environmental, Social, Corporate Management) studies.