Value-added companies of the Turkish economy do not slow down their huge investments, including the pandemic that shook the world economies. Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AB Group Holding, which employed an additional 700 people in 2021 and started a 1 billion real estate investment, stated that they will announce their new investments in the near future. Saying, “Companies make countries grow,” Bayrak said, “Strong companies make countries grow. Especially technology companies. For this reason, we accelerated our investments in the field of financial technologies. “We are taking many steps to announce our brand globally,” he said.

AB Group Holding, which has investments in European countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain and England, apart from Turkey, brings the smart home concept to Bodrum, the capital of tourism, with the design of world-famous architect Barbaros Sağdıç… Madnasa Türkbükü, with an investment value of 1 billion lira, and There is demand for Madnasa Summit projects from many countries of the world.

AB Group Holding, which has an equity capital of $600 million, invested $3 million in Blockchain technology this year. The institution that developed the ABSTOCKS system, where digital currencies can be traded, started a new era in the field of digital money. For the first time in Turkey, digital currencies produced under the guarantee of a holding company were also insured by the banks’ insurance company. With its capabilities such as security and insurance, it has already started to be talked about even before its launch and is expected to make a rapid entry into the industry.

Muhsin Bayrak’s name came to the fore with the purchase of the house put up for sale by Kamala Harris, the US Vice President and the star of the last election. The highest bid for the apartment that US President Joe Biden’s assistant Kamala Harris put up for sale in the capital Washington D.C. as part of the preparations for moving to the official residence came from Muhsin Bayrak. Muhsin Bayrak worked with Citibank in the USA and with İGO Proje Danışmanlık in Turkey during the sales process. Stating that the process has reached the title deed stage, Bayrak told Harris that they are also planning to sell a house in Bodrum. Bayrak gave the following information: “Our holding brokers and Harris’ brokers have been in contact since the first day the flat entered the sales process. The negotiation process has come to an end and we plan to sign soon.” Stating that the house has symbolic value, Bayrak said, “We are working to strengthen both our own investments and other investments in Turkey in the US market.” Bayrak is the name that has built the Athens Marina, as well as more than 200 large and small construction projects in Turkey to date. He underlines that they work with the best software and consultancy team in the world, and in the coming days, he will launch his own group’s Crypto Asset (ABGCoin). Muhsin BAYRAK, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AB Group Holding, which is preparing for the launch of ) also evaluated the Central Bank decision announced in April. “The most important thing is that the state uses the term Crypto Asset for the first time at a high level. I think this is a very important development,” he said. Underlining that the regulation only covers Fintech organizations and banks that are authorized by the CBRT to grant licenses, BAYRAK said, “As is believed, there is currently no situation in which Crypto will be banned, it will no longer be able to be bought and sold on stock exchanges, and/or goods or services will not be purchased with crypto.” “The whole issue is to record the informal economy, which is a situation that should happen. We have been expressing this for months and it has happened exactly as we thought,” he said.

On the other hand, Algerian Ambassador to Turkey Mourad Adjabi paid a special visit to Muhsin Bayrak, Chairman of the Board of AB Group Holding. During the meeting in a friendly atmosphere, Adjabi invited AB Group Holding to invest in his country. Evaluating the meeting, Muhsin Bayrak said, “Mr. Ambassador honored us with his visits. We exchanged views on investment opportunities in Algeria. As a holding, we were also invited to invest in Algeria. We will evaluate the issue more thoroughly in the coming days.” Thanking Bayrak for his hospitality, Algerian Ambassador to Turkey Muorad Adjabi said, “We invite the EU Group to our country.”


Source: Sabah