AB Group Holding, as an investor in the construction sector, both at home and abroad, carries out themed, high-quality, qualified housing projects with different social facilities, which are implemented for the first time in the sector. In line with the experiences he has gained, he has established comfortable, environmentally friendly, safe and peaceful living spaces that meet the expectations of modern urban life in the construction projects he has developed. Acting with the principle of continuous innovation and healthy growth since its establishment, AB Group Holding continues to work and rise to always produce the best.

One of the features that make the construction projects carried out different in the sector; location advantages, rich green areas and social facilities, high investment value, effective after-sales service network, quality and reliable brand awareness.

Our Strengths


The accomplishment of many pioneering and innovative projects in the fields in which it operates and the high and stable increase in its operating performance strengthen AB Grup Holding’s leading position in its sectors.

AB Grup Holding, as a learning institution that accepts each project as a separate experience and draws the necessary lessons; It constantly improves itself and implements special strategies to transfer these experiences to the younger generation.

Its strong reputation in the sectors and markets in which it operates, long-term and permanent employers, customers, suppliers, etc. Its relationships with all its stakeholders, its business ethics and the strategic projects it undertakes differentiate AB Grup Holding from its competitors in the sectors in which it is positioned.

In today’s business world, which is changing, developing and becoming more complex; AB Grup Holding strives to develop innovative solutions for customer and market needs by improving its innovation capacity day by day in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.